New Year, New Goals

This time of year, you hear the word “resolution” thrown out so casually.  Everyone likes to use New Year’s Day, albeit just another day, as a benchmark for their past and continued success.  As I took some time to reflect over the holidays, I realized that setting goals, improving as an individual, and looking to grow in your career is an ongoing process.  While there is nothing wrong with utilizing the New Year as a time in your life to restart, refresh, and re-motivate yourself in any aspect of your life, it should not be the only time you actually do that throughout the year.

So as I sat down and thought about the areas I wanted to improve, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily a goal that I wanted to improve on, rather my day to day processes, habits, and overall approach to my career tied in with my mental and physical health.  Over this past year in 2017, I was finally able to commit myself to sustaining a healthy lifestyle while maintaining the long hours that come with working in college athletics.  Previously, I had used this as an excuse, and with the help of friends and family I have committed myself to focusing on my physical and mental health from here on out.  Naturally, I feel like this has helped me grow professionally, as my mind is clear, my focus is stronger than ever, and that is nothing but positive when it comes to having an impact on how I perform in “the office”.

What I urge to people that are looking to change, or improve, is not to focus on the end goal.  I recently read an article on Nick Saban, where he was interviewed and talking about the turning point in his career.  He spoke about a game where he was the head coach at Michigan State, and they had just come off a huge upset win against Ohio State.  He spoke about how the focus that week in practice was broken down so meticulously, focusing on one play, one drive, and one task at a time, all in attempt to take the anxiety out of what the actual goal was – to win the game.  They won.   And, he talks about that day moving forward, and how his coaching style has continuously adapted to drive home to his players that while winning the game is the goal, winning each day is the focus.

That can literally relate to anything in one’s life, and I found that fitting having been right around the New Year when I stumbled on the article.  For me, I can apply it to the goals I set for myself in my career.  Yes, I want to be an AD, but when you look at the length of the process, the likelihood of achievement, it can become overwhelming.  Therefore, moving forward, for today, this week, this month, and this year, I am going to put more of my focus on each and every day.  It sounds cliche, but I want to find a way to improve on something in some capacity every day.  Tackle the small tasks, focus on the journey, and embrace the result.

New Year, New Goals- With that approach in mind, I want to still put some overarching elements down in writing that I want to continue to improve on.  While I plan on reflecting more often throughout the year, I’ll use January 1, 2019 as a day where I look back at the overall outcome that came from my efforts that year.

1. Continue to improve my lifestyle, by intertwining my mental and physical health, career growth, and social life.

2. Continue to pay it forward, and do my best to serve as a mentor for those aspiring to fill the same shoes

3. Utilize the summer to reflect on my first year at Fordham, and have a larger impact on my department and how we operate

Happy New Year!


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