The “Why”

Over the last couple of years, I have been assigned a wide variety of tasks when it comes to the different positions I’ve worked in college athletics.  Some simple, some complex, but either way, they all mattered.  At times early on, it can get frustrating.  The tasks are not always fun and certain things need to get done, which may seem tedious or unnecessary.  Working in college athletics, as I have stated time and time again is a lifestyle.  It is a mindset to buy into, a career to invest in, and a journey that anyone who wants to take part in needs to figure out “the why”.

Early on, as I took on some of these lesser roles I couldn’t comprehend “why” I was doing it.  Why does it matter? Will it really make a difference? Is this just busy work?  The answer is simple- it all matters.  In the ever changing and increasingly competitive world that has become college athletics, every single small detail matters.  Small staffs at big schools taking on several different roles, putting on a display to better the student-athlete experience, are all constants in this industry.  For those of you interning, volunteering, or just getting started, just know- no matter how much experience you gain, or how great your title may become, you are always expected to keep that mindset.  If you are struggling early on to buy in, just understand that the expectations will only increase as you move along.

The “Why”- The quicker you figure out why all of these small level tasks and tedious responsibilities matter, the better off you’ll be.  If you are having trouble buying into the mindset, then it may not be the career choice for you.  This is something I have bought into, especially in my current role at Fordham University.  We pride ourselves here on doing everything we can to maximize our resources in order to make the experience for the student-athletes as memorable as possible.  If that means going outside of your comfort zone to do something in order to get the job done, then so be it.  Figure out the why, and then stop asking it.   Attention to detail, work ethic, and the ability to buy into that mindset are all imperative in order to thrive in this industry.


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