That Time of Year

It’s been two months since my last post as I began my transition to Fordham University, however today it seemed fitting to write what everyone in this industry should be feeling this time of year.


Fall teams are reporting for camp, coaches’ requests are picking up, and the campus energy is felt with enthusiasm around every program higher than the year before.  The school year is around the corner and college athletics are about to be back in full force.

In the world of college athletic operations, this is an exciting time, but also a time where you realize that this has to be something you love.  The “down” time of summer comes to an abrupt stop, and the 6 and 7 day work weeks, covering of ALL home events, and handling the day to day responsibilities begin.  It is a full season grind that is something anyone who has worked in this area can appreciate.  How you prepare in the summer is a huge indication of how the beginning of the fall will look.  Communication, execution, and reflection in and out of each event early on, mentally preparing for the long days, and building strong relationships with coaches and other administrators in all departments are essential for a successful year in running events.

This is why I love it.  The energy doesn’t create stress, it creates a desire to be perfect and the ability to invest in something bigger than yourself.  As an administrator in my position, everything I do is with the idea of having the best interest of the student-athlete in mind.  As August rolls around and the students start to arrive, if you aren’t looking forward to that busy time of year, I truly believe you’re in the wrong industry.  So to all my college athletic peers and colleagues- please remember; your energy and passion for what you do has a bigger impact on the student-athletes success on the field than you think.  The culture in your department spreads far and wide and people around you can sense it.  If you don’t want your teams to win because it means one more day off with no postseason, you should be rethinking your commitment to this kind of career path.

I hope you all got your rest, because the fall is coming and college sports are BACK!!


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